Quests working again!

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Quests working again!

Post  Spenat on 3/8/2010, 11:47


We would like to apologize for any inconveniences caused by the quest system close down. We have worked diligently to resolve this issue to provide the quest system back for the users. As from August 03 (after maintenance), the quest system has been resumed and we will run a 2nd test period..

However, please notice that we have decided to run a week of test period to prevent any further troubles. During this 2nd test period if we found any problems we will immediately shut down the quest system without any notice. Also, if you found any problems related to the quest system please report directly to us or a volunteer.

Archlord needs your support to prevent any abusing by the quest system and to provide better game environment. We apologize for the delay on the process. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The experience you gain from the quest system during the test period will be approved as normal.

Thank you.
Archlord Support Team

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Post  Marhac01 on 5/8/2010, 01:19



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