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Post  Spenat on 25/4/2010, 11:05

WTB - Want to Buy
WTS - Want to Sell
WTT - Want to Trade
WTG - Want to Give
PvP - Player vs. Player battle
GvG - Guild vs. Guild battle
PvE - Player vs. Environment
NPC - Non-player Character (usually giving quests or selling something)
Mob - Every monster in game
gl - Good Luck
gf - Good fun
gn - Good Night
wb - Welcome back
gz - Congratulations
bb - Bye Bye
btw - By the way
lol - Lot of laugh
idk - I donĀ“t know
omg - Oh my god
omfg - Oh my f***ing god
pk - Player Kill (player with purple skull)
spot - Place for exping
lfp - Looking for party
wtf? - What the f**k?
cya - See you later
brb - Be right back
AFK - Away from keyboard
thx - Thank you
np - No problem
nvm - Nevermind
stfu - Shut the f**k up
gtfo - Get the f**k out

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Re: Shortcuts

Post  Marhac01 on 28/7/2010, 19:27

Gtfo is Get the f**k out :

//Spenat-GM: Corrected, thanks

i know i tell truth all time xD

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